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Paper Presentation

Notice for Presentation (online)

    1. The oral presentation time is up to 10 minutes. If real-time show is impossible or you expect network failure, please send a video clip (mp4) for presentation to icisnconf@gmail.com  by March 12, 2021.
    2. The poster presentation time is up to 5 minutes. Basically, the poster presentation should be done using the video clip, so please send the clip to icisnconf@gmail.com  by March 12, 2021.

    3. However, if the author wants a real-time presentation, please request it to the TPC chair.

    4. The authors should register by March 12, 2021 by submitting this REGISTRATION FORM

    5. The unregistered authors will not be given the URL for online conference, nor the paper will be excluded from E-Proceeding.
    6. Basically All presenter should be stayed in their session time.

How to Creating Video Presentation for ICISN2021 Online Presenters

Below are general instructions on how to record a video presentation of your research as well as some tips and tricks to help keep in mind when creating content. 

Preparing To Record

  • Set yourself up for success by identifying a place that will be best for recording. An ideal space will be:
    • Quiet enough to record with minimal interruptions
    • Natural lighting or the ability to control lighting to best record in
    • Have space to set up and record at eye level
  • Be sure to outline your presentation so there is a natural flow as it is delivered. We recommend video presentations be 5 minutes in length for poster presenters and 10 minutes for oral session presenters.  
  • Video presentations have the potential of reaching audiences all over the world, so it is important to dress accordingly. Business casual is recommended, and even if the camera will not necessarily capture a presenter’s lower body it really does help to feel prepared by wearing a complete outfit. 
  • Currently the ICISN2021 recommends designing a recording where there is a main screen presenting a poster or presentation while video of the presenter is visible in a smaller sub-screen (also known as picture in picture format). Click here to view an example  

Recording Applications


Zoom is a great application for recording group presentations as it allows multiple presenters to participate in the recording all together. Note that the person setting up the recording will be considered the “host”, and in primary control of the application unless recording responsibilities are shared. Additional information can be found here: Official Zoom Help Center Recording Tutorial


PowerPoint is a great option for presenters who only have audio recording capabilities and/or are looking to incorporate more dynamic details into their presentation. Recordings can be made over PowerPoint slides individually too, which is a nice option if wanting to break up recording into sections. To view how to record in PowerPoint, please view this official Microsoft video tutorial.